Welcome to Yu-no-machi Beppu,

One of Beppu Hachi Yu,Kamegawa Onsen.
This facility is conveniently located 3 minutes on foot from Kamegawa Station.
With the concept of enjoying hot springs, all guest rooms are equipped with natural hot spring baths.
Without meals Self-traveling, traveling, not only for sightseeing, but also for business use.
Please spend your time relaxing a wonderful hot spring treatment.

Kamegawa Onsen YUYU Manager

Information on reservation reception hours

  • Notice of change of reservation reception time

    Currently, with the nationwide travel support,
    We are getting a lot of reservations and inquiries.
    To secure time for administrative procedures
    For the time being, we will change the reservation reception time as follows.
    From 8:00 to 22:00 before change

    After change 10:00 to 20:00
    We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    As of 2022.10.20

About national travel support

  • About national travel support (the second new Oita travel discount) period extension

    Nationwide travel support (new Oita travel discount 2nd)
    It has been extended from 2022/12/20 to 12/27.

    If you have already made a reservation and would like to apply, we apologize for the inconvenience,
    Please let us know by phone that you would like to apply for nationwide travel support.

    ※It is undecided about the national travel support in the new year.

    As of 2022/11/27
  • About nationwide travel support for new reservations (new Oita travel discount 2nd)

    Applicable period From 2022/10/11 to 12/20
    Applicable condition
    ① Resident in Japan(ID required)
    (2) A certificate of completion of 3 doses of the corona vaccine or a negative result notification is required.

    Reservation method
    【Official website】
    When making a reservation, select the payment method "local payment",
    In the remarks column, please write "National travel support application request".
    【Telephone reservation】
    When making a reservation, please inquire that you would like to apply for nationwide travel support.

    As of 2022/10/11
  • About application of national travel support (new Oita travel discount 2nd) for existing reservations

    Nationwide travel support (2nd new Oita travel discount) is not automatically applied.
    Customers who have already made a reservation and meet the applicable conditions,
    Customers who wish to apply

    【Official website】
    Please contact us by phone and ask for "National travel support application request".
    【Telephone reservation】
    Please contact us by phone and ask for "National travel support application request".
    【Internet reservation site】
    Since the application schedule via the Internet reservation site is different for each company
    If you wish to apply, please contact each reservation site.

    As of 2022/10/11

Information on smoking cessation

  • All rooms will be non-smoking from February 2022

    In response to the recent increase in health consciousness
    All rooms will be smoke-free.

    Hell,Thank you for your understanding,
    Thank you for your continued patronage.

    ※A smoking area is available in front of the coin laundry next to YUYU

Tabi-biyori Club customers of Tabi-biyori Club

  • Tabi-biyori Club limited plan

    Currently, there is no plan for members of the Travel Weather Club.
    The next plan for members of the Travel Hiwa Raku Club will be published in late August!
    If you have a new plan, we will send it by email!
    Please register from the QR Cord.

    As of July 16, 2022

Notice regarding the new Oita Travel Discount

  • Notice of extension of "New Oita Travel Discount" period

    The new Oita Travel Discount period, which was scheduled until 9/30, is now
    Extended to 10/10.(Applies up to 10/11 checkout)

    ※The new Oita Travel Discount is available to customers coming from applicable areas.
    It is not applied automatically.
    If you wish to apply, please call us at the time of booking.
    Please inquire that you would like to apply the new Oita Travel Discount.

    As of 2022/10/1


Google Map

Hotel Name



7-12 Kamegawa Hamada Town, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

Telephone number



15 minutes by car from Beppu IC

3 minutes walk from JR Kamegawa Station.
Go to the traffic access page

Three recommended points for YUYU

  • All rooms are with natural hot spring bath

    You can enjoy natural hot spring anytime during your stay.
  • Feel easy! Only Room/ No Meals Included Plan

    When saying an inn, it is basic for two nights, but the hotel is an inn without meals.
    Guests are free to relax without worrying about the time of meals.
    Please go to eat near or bring it to your room and enjoy your favorite meal.
  • Family hot water is also available

    Guest room can be used as family hot water.
    Because we can use the accommodation room as it is as a family hot water,
    Ideal for family or couple use.

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